Monday, 21 December 2009

The Non Christmas

Even though I may have been neglecting my blog duties of late, it seems that one of the planks of my lifestyle has gone into retro mode.

Eurostar has been crippled over the past few days due to the wrong kind of snow getting into the electrics of the locomotives. Services have been cancelled between Paris and London since Saturday - the day we were supposed to be heading over the England.

I have informed the bosses in London that I cannot come and do my duty as I am at the mercy of a train that cannot do snow.

It was a shame then that I finished editing and writing this for the radio station's website as I had a few extra days. But perhaps the deadline was a good thing. I got it done.

I also got a second passport done so I could travel to England. The first passport is with the Angolan consulate getting the visa inserted for the big trip in January to the Africa Cup of Nations.

There'll be no snow in Angola. But they do have mines.

Those definitely aren't good for trains.