Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Zoo II

Am now a fully functioning member of the ZSL London Zoo. Or Make that the London Queue. Took ages waiting outside the special hut for people wanting annual membership.

Was behind a family who had some kind of problem. The lady apologised when she eventually finished. But I wasn't angry. It was just one of those things.

What seemed like two minutes later, my picture was taken and now I can wander off the streets of Regent's Park into London Zoo as many times as I want over the next year.

Must say that the zoo wasn't as much fun without the darling sweeties. But that's because I haven't tried it too often without them.

In fact I have never tried it without them. I will try it without them.

Sunshine adds a sharpness to the autumnal air. And cycling from the zoo to the Guardian would have been better had I managed to fin the towpath by the canal which I imagine goes right past the shiny offices at King's Place.

Couldn't get to the towpath and I figured I could spend ages looking for it and then keel over with low blood sugar levels.

I played the percentages and opted for the overland route from Camden. Before you could say St Pancras International ahoy, I was sweeping towards the office complex.

And yet another zoo.