Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Record Attempt II

The papers were full of Roger Federer's wonderfulness as he dispatched Dominik Hrbaty in straight sets on Monday afternoon. Sterner tests await though.

I could have written that. Last year's beaten finalist, Rafael Nadal, went through to round two today, also in straight sets.

It seemed appropriate to reuse for Tuesday's bulletins a little chunk of the Bjorn Borg address to the media at Roland Garros a few weeks ago.

It was about Nadal being vulnerable in the first few rounds at Wimbledon. I thought that would be better than the one where Borg says: "I think Sunday's final (Roland Garros) will be really close."

About as close as the moon Bjorn.

I must not hold terrible punditry against him. It could happen to anyone.

There was a horde of journalism students from San Diego roaming through the newsroom today here at la Maison de la Radio. I saw the head honcho chatting to them and then they disappeared.

Imagine my surprise when I went down to the studio and had to wade through a sea of tyros.

It seemed odd having to deliver my bulletin with real people there before me.

I didn't look into the whites of their eyes.

Well my voice didn't quaver and I resisted the temptation to correct the presenter who introduced me incorrectly. Maybe she had wilted under the pressure.

Take these things in your stride, say I.

But it is taxing because trying to follow Wimbledon on TV is difficult.

The station Sport+ seems to be the only one carrying anything and it has offered some matches which can't yet give me insight.

I could of course subscribe to the video highlights channel at Wimbledon and watch the matches live.

It's not that expensive but I bridle at the idea of paying to see something that should be out there for free.

Besides I have other things to do on my day off like take the children to the doctor so they can be certified as vaguely healthy for next year's round of extra-curricular activites.

Moreover crouching over my laptop to watch tennis would probably mash up my neck and not help my all-action game at all.

But perhaps it is the way to introduce it to the brood. This being the younger tech friendly generation. They might really go for viewing the game on a computer.

And probably end up playing it there.