Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Holiday

To the Loire. What kind of glory lies there? Wine country so you can't go wrong. Well I probably can. I am being encouraged by my family to grow a moustache.

I find this very odd behaviour because there is nothing in my approach that screams moustache.

But I am going along with the binge because it would be churlish not to. Sadly I am not the kind of man that can grow a moustache. I am not hirsute.

Great shame.

I've taken solace in an annual pass for Fontevraud abbey. It cost 25 euros and is only 1 euro more expensive than getting in with the entire crowd. This is bargain country for at Fontevraud rest great kings and queens of France and England.

I first visited Fontevraud more than 20 years ago when I was in another (moustacheless) incarnation. And then they were at the start of their great renovation project.

Needless to say that over two decades they've restored a large part of the ruins and now they even have a couple of cafes. Great history and coffee.

The thing is that we only get down to the Loire once a year but if we visit Fontevraud twice during the visit we'd be quids in.

There are chateaux galore to visit. Not quite sure what kind of state I'm going to be in.

The trip was preceded by a football match with the team. We are in a relegation dogfight. And though we won, the teams in front of us won so we're not really that much better off though a lot better off than we would be had we lost.

I must console myself with that. The next three matches will make or break the season.

UEFA Champions league? Well that's straightforward. English Premier League....Manchester United are five points clear. Veterans B division. It's squeaky bum time to cite a footballing knight.