Friday, 20 February 2009

The Countryside

No son of the soil me. But I am embracing the shire lifestyle with a verve unbounded. Maybe the trip to Sainsburys helped me get in touch with my urban side.

Or perhaps it was the ride along to the aerodrome with the girls. There is a playground at Old Warden air field which is simply brilliant. Usually our school holidays don't coincide with the English ones so when we go there the place is deserted. Sadly this half-term is at the same time with England.

So the place was heaving. I managed to get a few minutes on the swings before giving way to some children. But I couldn't do my normal commando course stuff. Helas. The girls weren't that happy that there were others around.

I tried to explain that this was the nature of this playground. But I know what they were going through.

Me and the missus are just about to go off to a country pub for supper. I phoned to reserve for 7.30pm. The pub phoned back to tell us they only had 6pm start or 8pm.

Gosh pile em in and send em out. It sounds as if the Hare and Hounds is wunderbar.

But this is what they do back in the city. Metro manners with fresher air.

But will they be metro prices?