Friday, 7 November 2008

The Futurists

A free Friday gave me carte blanche to savour the wonderfulness of the city. As I pedalled down to the fifth arrondissement I thought it was about time I changed the location of my bank. The Societe Generale in Rue Monge was OK when I lived in the area. But that was a lifetime ago.

It seemed silly to get involved with bureaucracy and change but every time I want to transfer cash from Paris to London it entails going into the bank in person - hence the bike ride.

But as the bank is near Piscine Pontoise the whole thing can be wrapped in the daily exercise routine.

However with the wonders of technology, I am - so the bank teller told me - able to transfer via the internet. Wow. No need to change banks.

It seemed apt then that the exhibition at the Pompidou was Le Futurisme à Paris.

I did not know that it's nearly 100 years since Le Figaro published Filippo Marinetti's Futurist manifesto on its front page.

Boy were they angry young chaps excoriating cubists and the past and wanting to venerate the modern world and machines.

Well I'd personally love to venerate all over a Porsche but until I win the lottery it will have to be the bike and public transport.