Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Cold

What I particularly liked this evening was the way it felt tropical as I prepared to get onto the bike.

There's a big electronic clock near the radio station which beams out the time and the temperature. As I arrived at 1209 it told me it was minus four.

As I left at 1851, it had rocketed to minus two.

A time for rejoicing then? No, not really as the cycle paths seemed to have been omitted from the gritting programme.

"Danger and I are old friends," said the Romulan captain in one episode of Star Trek.

And I negotiated the paths gingerly. There was a bit of sliding but nothing I couldn't handle at a snail's pace.

The big disappointment of the trip to London was that Zavvi - the benighted DVD and CD store - wasn't giving away the DVDs I wanted.

In fact it didn't even have the DVDs I craved. I thought here's a business that's called in the administrators, it will be a dream time to buy.

Forget that. I looked for the DVD sets of Star Trek - the original series - and found a few films featuring the old crusties from that era. Not even discounted.

I asked the cashier if they had the DVD sets hidden away somewhere. She looked at her computer and said nothing seemed to be around and said a few were due in but would be at an astronomical price.

She advised me to go to amazon which is why I guess Zavvi was in trouble because people were doing that kind of thing anyway

I did find the Star Wars DVDs at something of a discount though and bought the first three episodes.

Now I have 1-6, the complete collection.

And even though I found the first three tedious I shall sit through them again so that I can have the chronological thrill.

Just need to find the appropriate moment to binge on them all.

Perhaps a day recovering from a cold.