Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Beginning

A few days in London and the highlight was the latest Star Trek movie. The idea is how Jim Kirk became the dynamic captain of the Enterprise with his band of heroes.

Utterly brilliant especially since I have just acquired the DVD set of the original episodes. There was only one inconsistency in the film. But there you go you can't have it all.

Had to go and see the film at Screen on the Hill and it took ages to get back home especially with Tooting Broadway closed for maintenance after 10pm.

Oh well it's only north to south London.

Tuesday was a jolly affair at the Guardian. The Speaker of the House of Commons decided he had to resign after being fingered as the gatekeeper to the junket that is an MP's life.

They've been claiming for moat clearing, having their light bulbs changed and their mortgages paid by the taxpayer.

And Michael Martin, the Glaswegian boy pauper who's risen to one of the most prestigious posts, is the one who's been offered up for protecting the indefensible.

All quite a barrage of reactions and speculation. Left me dazed on the train back to Paris. In fact slept. Clearly going out late and then working on the perpetual slush fund that is the mother of all parliaments left me dazed and in fact I went to sleep.

No more London for a while, it is tennis galore for the next few weeks as Roland Garros comes to town.

I am growing weary again and I must finish as I am watching Balance of Terror - the first time the Romulans make an appearance in Star Trek.

Pleasing unity about that as there were maverick Romulans doing terrible things to the universe in the film I saw on Monday night.

No element of overacting. Really no overacting. Brilliance of the then and now.