Saturday, 14 March 2009

Matchday XI Preview and Postmortem

We were up against the second team in the league. And boy did I come off second best. Was one on one with the goalkeeper and completely messed it up. Tried to lob him and it was hopeless. I felt gutted. Ho hum. That would have been 2-0. Needless to say, they scored just before half time and then just after half time and somehow managed to get a free kick when it was their attacker who fouled our defender.

They scored from the resulting free kick.

What struck me as wild was the fact that one of their players went and sliced up the legs of one of ours. They were 3-1 up and doing that a couple of minutes from the end.

Some days you just have to say: OK. Best to get out in one piece and go back to the drawing board.

For said drawing board I have looked up the Chelsea campaign of 2004/5 and specifically the goal that clinched the title. Fat Frank Lampard has to run quite a way and beats the keeper one on one.

I have studied and inwardly digested.

Well that was all a long time ago. I remember I was doing a Saturday shift at the Observer when he put the second one in. I'm sure I went out and bought a pint to celebrate that night.

No pints tonight. Just sober recollection on how to do better.