Monday, 27 October 2008

Matchday V Post Mortem

Monday already and it only seems like yesterday that I was running around muscularly on a football pitch. Well it wasn't yesterday and it wasn't muscular.

But it was effective. It was a 3-1 victory and it was the first time that I can remember winning when we had four or so substitutes. The point was that the subs were well handled. That's because our ace centre forward was on the sidelines directing the show.

I can't quite remember what the score was when I went on again in the second half but we scored two goals and I was involved in the build up to the goals which was as satisfying as scoring.

And in one instance I stretched a leg out for the ball, got it and unselfishly rolled it into the path of a fellow forward who ought to have scored.

But he didn't. I perhaps could have taken it on myself but I wouldn't have been at a good angle to head in on goal so I did the right thing. Which is just as satisfying.

Anyway no matches until November 15 so we can all nurse our bruises and further hone our warrior frames.

With this in mind I am heading off to the swimming pool to stretch the limbs.

The family is away so I have a heap of time to do the things that I can't normally do like watch South Park online without fear of interruption.

The joy of vulgarity.