Monday, 23 February 2009

The Return Journey

Back to the big city from the big city. Have to say the Eurostar journey from London was OK. The three children did their various things. The bit I particularly liked was the boy getting his legs stuck in the luggage rack. He climbed in, lounged louchely and then managed to push and twist his leg between the bars.

He realised the full stupidity when he tried to recline in an even more provocative manner.

It was a two parent job to get him out. I recall the girls clambering over seats, trying to play with door handles and being fascinated by the sounds of the Velcro on the headrests but never being so daft to get stuck like that.

I felt I had failed as a father when I saw the poor bairn wimpering. But once he was out he didn't try it again.

Clearly he's not that stupid.