Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Showdown

You knew it was going to happen. It was just a question of when. Students are it. Gas and electricity workers are at it. And the bus and train drivers are too.

It's strike time. And the country starts its meltdown. When was the election? 200 years ago? No but six months ago and as far as I remember, there was an overwhelming poll for the Sgt Major.

He told everyone what he wanted to do while the socialists were committing hari-kiri. And the majority lapped it up, well they voted for him.

There were always going to be those who were going to attack outside the ballot box and I suppose this is their moment.

It's all being offered as the battle of toughness. The Sgt Major and his ├╝berreformer persona V the benighted.

The thing is if the Sgt Major loses then what? More of what we had under President Chirac? And if the special privileges are maintained? Well it will be the majority paying for the few.

It's intriguing. Waiting for the denouements is fascinating. Well that's because it's not my pension at stake. That's because I don't need to travel today.

Me, me, me. Good grief this stuff is catching.