Monday, 8 December 2008

The Countdown

And then it was suddenly time to rethink the return. Not that my entire life has been a waiting game till I pick up a tennis racquet or done the shinpads. But actually my life has been an entire waiting game....

The weekend was a mixture of parties and parenting. Party one to fete three people being taken on full time at the radio station. In these days of global meltdown and wars on terror this could be construed as a positive thing but actually we've been working short staffed since a few people left a few years ago.

Effectively it feels as if we've got new people but not at all. It's not more it's the same as it was.

I have also given myself a Sunday deadline to finish reading Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate. The book belongs to a friend of mine and I've had it in the flat probably since those people left the radio station a few years ago.

As we're going to see Renaud and his missus on Sunday this seems the right time to give it back. His lady is throwing her annual Santa Lucia sing song. This is where they put candles on their head and sing lovely songs. Oh those wild Swedes. Better than wild turnips I guess.

But I was being slow with Pinker's treatise. It took me something like three weeks to read four pages and now I'm racing through it.

I figure if I overdo it on the reading I'll take it easy tomorrow at the tennis lesson and - if I get through that - calmly during Saturday's match.

Remember Christmas is approaching and we need to be mobile. Not mopey.